Upswing profile: Dominique Broomfield

At a recent Upswing session in Lane Cove, I had the pleasure of chatting to Dominique Broomfield, Freelance PR consultant and mother to pre-schooler Jasper, and a daughter, Gabriella, already at school. We talked about her work and why she needs Upswing …


Dominique Broomfield


Work / Business:

Freelance PR, Caro Communications



Jasper, 4


Work conducted at Upswing:

Primarily publicity, calling journalists, research, preparation for an upcoming lecture visit to Australia by an Italian Architect.

Reason you need Upswing:

My son is in short pre-school hours Monday to Wednesday and my daughter is at school. With the very short working days all at the start of the week, I find by the end of the week I have lots of catching up to do. I just need a little extra time to get on top of things. Upswing is a great solution for me.

Challenges working from home?

Jasper can watch a bit of TV while I’m trying to work, but he’s at an age where he comes to me and needs my attention.

Also I find the home environment distracting. Even when I’m working from home I find I’m thinking about other things. There’s a temptation to do the dishes or other things around the house.

“Upswing sessions have been great for proper, concentrated time to focus on my work.”

What would you say to other women thinking about starting a business / working while having children?

I would say it’s all possible. Time management is the hardest thing. It’s very important to plan ahead and be organised. Otherwise work responsibilities can creep into the other parts of the day when you are trying to spend quality time with the kids.

“The great thing is that by working and raising a family, you do get the best of both worlds.”

Favourite leisure-time activity:

Swimming, reading books, hanging out / drinking with my friends without kids annoying me!


Favorite book:

A Visit From The Goon Squad – Jennifer Egan


Mentor / idol / woman you look up to:

Any woman who goes to work 5-days a week and balances having a young family – I really admire that.