Upswing profile: Catherin Rodríguez

I meet Catherin for the first time at an Upswing session in Lane Cove. She runs two businesses and has a 6 month-old Vicky. Busy lady indeed.

What type of work, business or study do you do?

I am a little entrepreneur.  First, I own a restaurant called La Puerta Latino Flavours in Neutral bay.  It is South American food tapas style and it is quite popular and busy. At the restaurant,  I manage staff, do the bookkeeping, handle public relations and visit any time during service just to make sure customers are happy. Apart from that, I run a Language school that offers Spanish lessons in Public Schools.

Work conducted at Upswing?

Everything I can fit! From making calls, replying emails or preparing my lesson plans. I try to also do some accounting.

What are the reasons you need Upswing?

I have a very beautiful but very needy 6 month old baby.  When Grandma was visiting she got used to being carried all the time and now that she has left my baby expects the same from her busy mum.  Of course I want to attend to her needs but I also have job commitments.  It is hard to find a balance! Upswing helps with that.

What are the biggest challenges working from home?

Baby Vicky crying for attention, nappy change, feeding and play time.  Plus the chores of the house leave me no time to do what I have to do.

What would you say to other women thinking about starting a business / working while having children?

It is not an easy task but it is not impossible…there are always helping hands like Upswing to help you get things done.

Favorite Book?

At the moment What to Expect the First Year! very handy manual for a busy mum like me.

Mentor / idol / woman you look up to?

My mum! Now I know what she went through! She was a single mum and I cannot imagine what it was like.  I look up to my mum for being strong, brave, persistent and disciplined.