Upswing profile: Anna Hughes

At a recent Upswing session , we chatted with Anna Hughes, Owner of Plan2Action and mother to 1 year old Daughter Georgia. We talked about her business and why she needs Upswing …



Work/study/activity you’re doing while using Upswing:

I recently started my own business Plan2Action after resigning from my position as Business Manager of a small accounting firm in North Sydney. I make things happen and have helped many clients to execute and review their business plans. With my clients I ensure Action, Accountability and Alignment by providing guidance through a simple planning process, that is practical, easy and efficient to implement. More information can be found at


Reason you are using Upswing:

I love the idea of being close by to my 1 year old daughter while I work. I can see her and visit her if I like, but just knowing she is close by is comforting for me. The sessions are a good length of time to get stuck into work, but also allow enough of the day for me to spend quality time with her. I find it will be a good way to ease into longer care when she is older.

Biggest challenges trying to work from home:

I am a doer, and I am building a business focused on getting things done. I like to do all the little things first before getting stuck into big projects. Therefore, is it physically difficult for me to sit down and work unless I have done all the chores around the house. So best just not to be there! And I save time on the pick up and drop off.

One of your favourite parenting moments so far

I love seeing my daughter being happy and proud of herself when she achieves something new. Her first steps and her first words have been followed by huge grins and her own applause which is hugely heart-warming for her Dad and me.


What would you say to other women thinking about starting a business / working while having children?

If you have a great business idea that you are passionate about, then give it a shot. The flexibility is a huge positive. Talk to as many people as you can about your business idea for their feedback and always have a plan.


Favourite leisure-time activity:

Picnics in the park with a glass of bubbles, a view of the water, my hubby and daughter.


Favorite book:

“Small Acts of Kindness” by Bronwyn Donaghy


Favorite singer/artist/album:

I am a big Jason Mraz and Coldplay fan.


Mentor / idol / people you look to for inspiration:

My aunt is a very successful working Mum as is my Sister in Law. They are great inspirations to me.