Terms and Conditions


Joining Upswing under one of our membership packages provides you with a permanent booking for regular session times/locations in accordance with your package type.

For the casual 10-Pack Pass, you can book into any session day or time, subject to availability within 9 months of purchase.

You can request any changes to your membership type by emailing sessions@upswing.com.au. Subject to availability, we will endeavour to meet your requests.


Upswing reserves the right to cancel a session or change sessions at any time. Should Upswing need to cancel or change any session for any reason, you will be notified of the change immediately and provided with alternatives for other available sessions. If no suitable alternatives are found, you will not be charged for that session.


For membership packages, you have unlimited makeup sessions. This means if you cannot attend a session and let us know up to 24 hours before the session, you can book into another time or location. We do not offer refunds for sessions. For makeup session requests, email sessions@upswing.com.au


As part of your membership package, you can add sessions whenever you need them. Simply email your request and we will get back to you to confirm your booking. You will be charged for a single session which corresponds with your membership package rate. Payment will be processed upon booking confirmation using your recurring payment information unless otherwise requested.


You can cancel your membership anytime with written notice, allowing 7 days for recurring payments to cease. Email sessions@upswing.com.au to notify us of your cancellation.

If you can no longer utilise your 10-Pack Pass, you are welcome to transfer any remaining sessions to another person.


Membership package fees (regular sessions) are deducted weekly in advance from the date of your first session.  Payments are paused when sessions are not running (e.g. Christmas holiday period).


Sessions are currently operating during the NSW school holidays with the exception of the Christmas holiday period where sessions will cease on Friday 15th December 2017, and recommence on Monday 29th January 2018.

If you would like to take holidays at a different time, you are welcome to suspend your membership for up to 6 weeks during the year by providing 14 days’ notice. For this time period, your recurring payments will be paused and your session bookings will be made available to other members. Your regular session bookings will be resumed upon return from holidays.

Sessions do not operate on public holidays. If your regular session falls on a public holiday, you will not be charged for that session. You are welcome to change your session day/location up to 7 days prior to your session, subject to availability.


GST is not applicable for child care services which is why it has not been charged as part of your membership package or pass.


Upswing is currently not an approved childcare service offering Child Care Rebate (CCR) or Child Care Benefit (CCB) claims.


If your child has an infectious illness or shows signs of fever, vomiting or diarrhoea, Upswing staff have the right to refuse to allow the child to join or continue in the session. Warts and open wounds must be treated appropriately and covered during sessions. Upswing staff will notify you during a session if they feel your child is too unwell to continue under their care.

If your child is displaying behaviours which are negatively impacting staff or other children, Upswing staff have the right to refuse to allow the child to join or continue in the session. These behaviours include violence, biting, excessive hitting or throwing of items and excessive screaming or crying. Upswing staff will notify you during a session if they feel your child’s behaviour is unacceptable to continue under their care. We do our best to settle your child within 15 minutes of a session commencing and are flexible with multiple attempts over a period of several weeks to settle them into the environment. You will not be charged if you child does not settle into the environment.


Upswing does not provide food and drinks during sessions. Please bring along everything your child might need for the session such as milk, water, bottles, bibs, food/snacks (no nuts please), cutlery, wipes, nappies, nappy bags, spare clothes/underwear, comforter, pacifier, pram/cover etc. Note: You will be advised if a location has an outdoor play area, in which case, you will need to bring sunscreen and a hat.

We request that you adhere to the arrival and collection times in order to create a settled and productive time for both the parents and the children, and to respect the responsibilities of our childcare staff.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you understand that you are committing to attend Upswing co-working + childcare sessions in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

If you are purchasing a membership package, you are subscribing to an ongoing service with recurring payments. If you are purchasing a Starter Pack or 10-Pack Pass, you will be charged the full amount upfront. These are both non-refundable.