Meet Upswing member Lucy Chesteron

Meet Upswing member Lucy Chesteron

Lucy joined Upswing approximately 4 months ago. She is one of the brightest, happiest and busiest people I’ve ever met! She brings such exuberance and energy to everything she takes on. She is an extremely talented editor and writer who spends her hours at Upswing sessions smashing out content for hew new novel.

She took the time out of her very busy schedule to answer some questions for us (thanks Lucy!).

Here’s what she had to say …

What are you working on while joining Upswing sessions?

I’m using the amazing Upswing facilities to meet my deadline for my first novel and to do my job as editor of popular women’s website, plus keep up with all the usual day-to-day “life admin” that falls by the wayside when you have a small, chatty child (send emails, reply to emails, fill out forms and so on).

What do you find to be the biggest challenges trying to work from home?

The hardest part about working from home is that you can’t stick to any plan that you make. An hour you set aside to work goes out the window because your child randomly decides not to have her usual sleep that day, or the phone rings with an unavoidable call in the precious twenty-minute window you needed for an email reply! But at Upswing you have uninterrupted time to work, so you know you’ll be able to get things done.

What is your favourite parenting moment so far?

A parenting moment I loved experiencing with my daughter was when she learned to clap. She’s so proud of herself and applauds everyone for their amazing accomplishments which may include walking into a room, picking up the laundry basket or saying hello. It’s like having my own personal cheer squad.

What would you say to other women thinking about starting a business / working while having children?

It’s not for everyone, but being a working mum really works for me. I find it fulfilling to pursue my own interests and ambitions outside of being mum, and my daughter benefits from being around other children and carers at Upswing. There are no very young children around her age in our family, so it’s great to see her learning social skills and negotiating relationships outside the family.

What is your favourite leisure-time activity?

I love doing Xtend Barre to relax, and reading and writing.

Who is a mentor, idol or person you look to for inspiration?

I’m extremely lucky to have so many amazing role models in my life, including Selwa Anthony, a host of female writers and journos, and of course my own mum.

What is something you would say about your experience with Upswing?

Upswing has been a lifesaver (and a career-saver!) for me, as the genius combination of a quiet, well-equipped workspace and on-site childcare has allowed me to meet important deadlines and maintain my professional skills in the first year of my daughter’s life.

Thanks Lucy for taking the time to answer our questions. Look forward to seeing you at the next session!


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