Meet Upswing member Annika de Bruijne

Meet Upswing member Annika de Bruijne

Annika de Bruijne is an incredibly talented, hard-working mum who uses Upswing on a regular basis to work on her writing business, LinkedInk (great name!). Annika glows positive energy and always joins our sessions always with an enthusiastic smile.

She took the time recently to answer some questions for us (thanks Annika!).

Here’s what she had to say …

What are you working on while joining Upswing sessions?

I’m using Upswing to maintain and expand my freelance writing business, Linked Ink. I’ve also found myself using the time to sneak in some of those administrative tasks that I just can’t seem to get to with a toddler in tow!

Why have you become a member of Upswing?

I’m the full-time carer of our daughter (no daycare) but also run my own small writing business LinkedInk. I enjoy the ‘me time’ that Upswing provides, and it’s especially been a blessing since my daughter has dropped her day sleep, which was primarily when I used to work on my writing.

What do you find to be the biggest challenges trying to work from home?

I’d say there’s not any single challenge, but rather that it’s actually impossible! I used to utilise the day sleep timing to complete much of my work, but my time for business has now been reduced to evenings and weekends.

By the end of a long mummy day, the last thing you feel like doing is turning on your computer to work. I don’t actually complete any work from home during the day as I’ve found it unfair on myself and unfair on my clients due to my inability to dedicate my full focus to the work at hand.

What is your favourite parenting moment so far?

My favourite time has been around the 2 year mark. The conversations we have these days are constantly intriguing and regularly provide a laugh.

What would you say to other women thinking about starting a business / working while having children?

Do it! It takes a lot of commitment, passion and dedication and without any of these three elements I’d say it would be near impossible. You really need to love what you do and thrive on your commitment to wanting to better your business, either for personal or financial gain. You need to ‘want’ to turn on your computer after 12 hours of mummy-ing, and look forward to working on your business despite any challenges that may have presented themselves during the day.

What is your favourite leisure-time activity?

Hitting the gym – not that I have much time for it these days. On that note, my toddler doesn’t like gym-creche but she does enjoy Upswing! The personalised care and the small group environment are supportive of her personality.

Who is a mentor, idol or person you look to for inspiration?

Successful women in business. No single player, but women in general who have successful businesses that can provide enough financial income and personal satisfaction for them to flourish and live each day to the full.

What is something you would say about your experience with Upswing?

Upswing is a fantastic concept that provides personalised care for my child whilst enabling me to grow my business. I love the ‘me’ time it affords, and the fact the carers are professional and experienced. My daughter enjoys Upswing and I do too!

Thanks Annika for taking the time to answer our questions. Look forward to seeing you at the next session!


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