Meet one of our Upswing childcare team … Jen!

Meet one of our Upswing childcare team … Jen!

 Jen Chow


Jen is a professional Early Childhood Teacher with a career spanning 15 years.

She has worked in leadership roles in preschools, long daycare centres and outside of school hours care. She has dedicated her professional life to helping children discover their potential through education and role modelling.

She believes the diversity of roles she has had in childcare has meant she’s become very adaptable.

“I have a great deal of experience in the industry and this has enhanced my ability to work with flexibility in a collaborative team environment.”

Jen is very reliable and prides herself on being organised. This has helped in her role with Upswing.

“We essentially provide ‘pop-up’ childcare so we have a lot to take into consideration, not only to ensure we provide a safe and supportive environment, but also that we consistently provide children with stimulating experiences.”

Her favourite activities to do with the children are those where the children can express their own individual interests.

“I love constructing worlds with the children that are based on their own interests and curiosities. We might start out simply building a castle from blocks, but then the children will start talking about dragons or princesses or crocodiles in the moat surrounding the castle. Before you know it we are drawing and creating paper crocodiles to put around the castle and singing ‘Never Smile at a Crocodile!’. I love that about childcare.”

Jen also loves meeting all of the parents of Upswing and hearing about what businesses and enterprises they are working on. She recognises the value her service brings to their lives in helping them achieve their own goals.

She has two primary school-aged children of her own and lives in Frenchs Forest.

Thanks Jen for being a valuable part of the Upswing team.