Meet one of our Upswing childcare team … Daniella



Daniella Morrocco


Daniella has worked in childcare for over 7 years. She has dedicated many years to long day care and preschools with special needs children.


She also ran her own family day care in Bayview for 3 years. She is passionate about ensuring the wellbeing of all children. She believes play-based learning is a pathway to uncovering an individual child’s true creativity.


She takes a lot of joy from encouraging children’s imaginations and seeing their creativity come to life. She loves all sorts of craft activities and loves creating art with children. She also loves to bake and will do this any chance she can with the children.


She has four children of her own, all of which are now at school or university.


“Now my children are grown up, I realise how much I truly love spending time with little children. I’ll (hopefully) be waiting a while for the grandchildren to come along though!”


We asked her what she liked about working with Upswing.


She said she is a great supporter of the concept and what it is trying to do to support working parents.


“I wish Upswing was around when my children were little. I had three children under the age of 4 at one stage, and it would have been ideal. Trying to get anything done back then would have been near impossible.”


Daniella has a natural warmth and can handle any sort of pressure with grace and a healthy sense of humour. She is certainly used to chaos, running her Warriewood home filled with four children, three dogs, three cats and a husband!


Thank you Daniella for being a part of the Upswing team.