Meet Janelle – our Queensland Manager

Janelle Kirkland – Queensland Manager

I take great pleasure in introducing Upswing’s Queensland Manager – Janelle Kirkland.

She is a breath of fresh air and has a HUGE passion for what Upswing is trying to doing in providing more flexible childcare solutions.

She is busy spruiking Upswing’s events and corporate services to Brisbane and Sunshine Coast businesses and also getting Upswing ready to launch PowerPods in Queensland in 2018.

She is a great writer too (bonus)!

Check out her recent blog post for us here.

Here’s a bit more about Janelle … 

Janelle is a corporate writer who finds it hard to work from home with a toddler and baby constantly vying for her attention. She has spent most of her paycheck on inflexible childcare arrangements, but is always searching for better ways to do things.

“As more homes require double incomes to meet rising costs, we need more relevant childcare solutions that accommodate working parents’ real schedules, better government policy to support working parents and, most importantly, greater employer flexibility,” Janelle says.

“The key to effective childcare is to look at the way modern families live their lives and offer solutions that meet their modern lifestyles, not the lifestyles of families 10 years ago.”

She found Upswing online and realised that it was an option she and other Queensland parents and employers desperately needed.

“I’ve spoken to many mums here in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast who are interested in a place they can work uninterrupted, form a supportive community, and know our children are happy in a safe and supervised environment,” she says.

Janelle has worked in journalism, communications, marketing and the education industries and is currently on maternity leave.

Her favourite things include surfing, red wine, garage sales, indie music, Lifeline Bookfests and when her husband takes the kids out so she can sleep.