Hang in There

Did you read The Australian Financial Review article this week – Can Women and Men Have it All?

It’s a story about accounting giant KPMG Australia’s market leading practices when it comes to mothers’ (and fathers’) workplace flexibility.

In it, the journalist, Rachel Nickless, writes:

“… Some of the best career advice I’ve been given was from a former boss a few years ago. That was back when I had just one toddler and another baby on the way, and I was lucky enough to have a part-time job. But I had less control over my hours than I do now and a gorgeous toddler who was prone to ear infections and never seemed to sleep. I felt that career-wise I was fighting with one hand tied behind my back.

‘Just hang in there’, was this woman’s advice. She argued that it would be much more difficult having to rebuild a career after a long hiatus.

The woman, Kate Jenkins, took her own advice, working part-time as a law partner after she had children. She went on to become one of the more influential women in Australia as our next federal sex discrimination commissioner.”

At Upswing, we want working parents, whether small business owners, freelancers, entrepreneurs, consultants, students, writers or creatives to use the time now to work on their passions.  That’s why we provide co-working with childcare.  Putting off your dreams, parking that business idea or exiting your career and coming back to it later, is actually harder than just starting now.

We know how hard it can be when you are fighting tiredness, worrying about what your clients want while juggling housework and potty training.

As Kate Jenkins says – hang in there. Be part of your own solution.   Make those few productive, uninterrupted hours a week count so you can also enjoy time with your children.