Welcome to Upswing!

Hi there,

I am Sally – a busy mother of two and the founder of Upswing.

When I started my motherhood journey seven years ago, I really worried about how I was going to be able to do it all. Like all parents, I wanted to be great at it – present (both physically and mentally), happy in my new role as ‘mummy’, and a positive influence on my children’s lives.

For financial and personal reasons though, I knew my work couldn’t stop. I was worried about how I would juggle the needs of my family and my desire to build a business. For a while I tried to do it all. The problem was, like so many other parents out there, I constantly felt like I was failing at both. When I needed to work on the business I was too busy with toddlers and too distracted by the mountain of housework. When my children were sick, tired, or just needed my attention, I felt like I always had one eye on my email.

I realised that to be successful – time – or more importantly distraction-free time was the key. If I could schedule regular un-interrupted time every week to work, then the rest of the time I could focus on my family. From this one idea Upswing has been developed. Based in the heart of local communities, Upswing provides busy working parents with 3 hours of un-interrupted time in a dedicated work area where you can focus on your priorities and get things done, while your child engages in fun, educational activities with qualified carers.

Come join us!